7. Confectionery

All confectionery are not appropriate for promotion.

Confectionery are classed as Chocolates, sweets, liquorice, marzipan, and fruit chews etc. This include any dried and processed/pulverised fruit products such as fruit gums, puffs/melts, bars, or fruit strips/leathers/roll-ups (i.e. a dense or chewy food made from fruit juice or pulped and dehydrated/dried fruit)

May contain nuts, dairy or vegetable ingredients (e.g. Date and almond chewy bars, Strawberry melty yogurt pieces, Apple and beetroot shapes).


  • Products containing cereals or starches (use snacks category). Note that the addition of small quantities (such as 5 or 10%) of starch or starch extracts (e.g. rice flour or oat extract to prevent clumping or modify food textures) does not exempt foods from the confectionery category when they can be classed as fruit chews etc. using the above definitions.
Tip: this category has no sub-categories. When entering an ingredient into the form, use Category 7.

The NPPM is a Nutrient and Promotion Profile Model by WHO and University of Leeds, designed to assess the appropriateness of commercial baby foods.

Contact us: babyfoodnppm@leeds.ac.uk

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