Product name

It is important that the product name describes the product accurately so that customers are not misled.

While the front of pack product name and legal product name does not need to list all ingredients, it must:

  1. Clearly represent or name the main or largest ingredients, where appropriate. Except when the largest ingredient is implied in the name such as milk in porridge or rice in risotto;
  2. List ingredients in an appropriate order (to indicate decreasing proportional content); and
  3. Indicate when fruit or vegetables (single or in combination) comprise the majority of the product by weight. Note that fruit or vegetables are considered to be the largest ingredient if the sum of all fruits or vegetables is the largest ingredient, and the front-of-pack name must therefore indicate this.

If the product fails to meet any of these statements, it will fail this component of the NPPM.

Tip: check the proportions stated in the ingredients list to see if the product name accurately describes the product.

The NPPM is a Nutrient and Promotion Profile Model by WHO and University of Leeds, designed to assess the appropriateness of commercial baby foods.

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