Results by NPPM component

Our charts offer a snapshot, allowing you to explore the proportion of products which passed, failed, or could not be assessed (where information was missing), for each component of the NPPM.

Not all components of the NPPM are required for each product category. For example, the portion size component is only required for assessment of the 'snacks' category. Charts will only display data for components which were required for assessment, given the product categories you have assessed. So, if you didn't include any snack products in your uploaded form, no products would display as assessed under the portion size component. This will explain why you may see different numbers of products assessed under each NPPM component.

Results by product

You can also download a spreadsheet of results for each of the products you assessed. Handy for doing your own in-depth analysis or sharing with a colleage.

Here you'll find how well each product did on every component, including a distance from thresholds, helping you identify changes which can be made.

My results say there is not enough data

If your products show 'not assessed', this means that there was missing information for that component of the NPPM.

The NPPM is a Nutrient and Promotion Profile Model by WHO and University of Leeds, designed to assess the appropriateness of commercial baby foods.

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