6. Ingredients

Ingredients for cooking or adding to foods in small quantities e.g. olive oil, stock cubes.

Evaluate products as eaten, using manufacturers’ preparation instructions for dry products, ingredients and meal components where possible. Where preparation instructions are not given, evaluate products as sold but be aware that some thresholds may be unmet or exceeded because of this.

Note that the sodium standard is a maximum of 50mg per 100kcal but for low density products like soup or stock, the sodium density value (mg per 100kcal) can appear inflated and will result in a fail.

Tip: this category has no sub-categories. When entering an ingredient into the form, use Category 6.

The NPPM is a Nutrient and Promotion Profile Model by WHO and University of Leeds, designed to assess the appropriateness of commercial baby foods.

Contact us: babyfoodnppm@leeds.ac.uk

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