The NPPM assesses whether on-pack promotional content is suitable.

Review the front and back of packaging to find all the information you need.

Age limit Serving size Claims Ingredients list Products with spouts Preparation instructions Product name Breastfeeding

There is information missing in my product label

Not all product labels will contain all the information needed to assess each component of the NPPM.

Knowing that information is missing is useful information in itself. It helps us to identify areas where companies need to be more transparent with consumers.

If you don’t have enough information to assess a component, just leave it blank. It will mean you won’t be able to assess the product on that component, and the tool will flag this to you. But, as there’s no overall NPPM score, missing information for one component won’t stop you accessing other components of the model.

In some cases a component may not be applicable, in which case you should enter ‘N/A’ on the data entry form.

The NPPM is a Nutrient and Promotion Profile Model by WHO and University of Leeds, designed to assess the appropriateness of commercial baby foods.

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